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Hi! I'm Buddy and this is my blog. I look like a bear, but I'm a kid. I live with my mommy and daddy and go places with them. My daddy is in the army and he's away a lot. I put pictures of me here so he can see me whenever he wants and see what I'm doing.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Tank" you, Santa Claus

Too bad they don't put lights on the tanks at Christmas!
I like when they have Christmas parties at my Dad's work. While the other kids jump around in the bounce house, I always go check out the equipment. This time it was a tank ! The last time I inspected a tank was at Fort Lewis, WA, but this one was at much warmer California location.

The ground is pretty far down there!
Did you know that the first tanks were made int the mid-19th Century? They are really an old idea. If you want to know more about tanks, check out this Wikipedia Link.

I inspected it from top to bottom, but getting down was a bit of a problem. I tried to jump down, but it was so far up that I scrapped up my hands. Big mistake ! Good thing my Mommy was there to put on camouflage (I had to ask my Mom how to spell that) Band-Aid on the cuts. I won't lie, I cried a little bit. But  Daddy says that it's okay to cry sometimes, even soldiers cry. That sure made me feel a lot better.
Happy Holidays from me and “tank” you for reading my blog.

I asked Santa for Lego blocks to build my own tank. I hope I he brings them. If not, I'll figure out something. In any case, I hope you have a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) or whatever holiday you celebrate.

May your 2016 be the best year ever. I hope you don't ever need to have a camouflage Band-Aid (even though they are really cool ! Cars Band-Aids are cool too.)

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