Welcome to my blog

Hi! I'm Buddy and this is my blog. I look like a bear, but I'm a kid. I live with my mommy and daddy and go places with them. My daddy is in the army and he's away a lot. I put pictures of me here so he can see me whenever he wants and see what I'm doing.

Friday, November 11, 2011


This picture was taken when my mom was in the hospital. It was scary cuz my daddy's in the army and wasn't home cuz he was doing army stuff. I went to help her so she wouldn't be by herself. I hugged her the whole time except when she had to go in the bathroom. She had to have an emergency operation and was there for 4 days! I was glad when we got to go home. I could take care of her better there.

Have you ever been really scared?


  1. Buddy... I'm really glad you were so brave for your Momma. You gave her the extra love she needed to get better! :D