Welcome to my blog

Hi! I'm Buddy and this is my blog. I look like a bear, but I'm a kid. I live with my mommy and daddy and go places with them. My daddy is in the army and he's away a lot. I put pictures of me here so he can see me whenever he wants and see what I'm doing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Serving the Country

When I grow up I'm going to be an army man just like my dad and grandpas. Until then I'll just help my dad like I am here! If anyone tells you that the big bags the soldiers where on their backs is small and light, they aren't telling the truth! This bag is a semi-truck and I'm a Fiat! I bet you know who'd win in that collision!
Do you have things you like to help your dad or mom with?


  1. Ah, Buddy they don't where, they wear. But I bet those bags are really heavy.

    I like to help with yard work. It's like playing outside only you're working.

  2. I get mixed up on words too, Buddy. That's okay. It's cool you like to help out.