Welcome to my blog

Hi! I'm Buddy and this is my blog. I look like a bear, but I'm a kid. I live with my mommy and daddy and go places with them. My daddy is in the army and he's away a lot. I put pictures of me here so he can see me whenever he wants and see what I'm doing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Who says a little guy like me can't enjoy a frosty frapp at Starbucks? You just have to remember not to drink it too fast. Brain freeze is really painful! But I was really hot and needed this cool drink after playing all day. My mom might get mad at me for wearing my shoes while on the table, but oh well. I like playing cowboy or Army? What's your favorite thing to play?


  1. Wow Buddy! I like your sneakers! Plaid is cool and so are you!

  2. Buddy you know that you shouldn't be drinking Starbucks so late at night! It's going to make you all jittery and unable to get a good nights rest.